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This Is How To Deal With Rib Pain

Rib pain is one complaint that often occurs when you experience collisions, injuries, or excessive pressure on the chest and back. Is this dangerous? Check out the following explanation. Rib pain can certainly make sufferers feel uncomfortable and difficult to move. If caused by a collision or injury, in addition to pain usually will appear bruising and swelling in the affected area. Now, to relieve the pain of this rib, the following will be explained the ways that can be done. How to Overcome ailing Ribs If the rib cage is caused by a minor injury and is not accompanied by a fracture to the rib cage or damage to the heart and lungs, the diseased rib can heal on its own after 3-6 weeks. To relieve pain and speed recovery, there are several steps you can take, namely: Rest and reduce activity, especially physical activity. Compress the diseased ribs using ice. Avoid bandaging the chest because it can cause tightness. Try to sleep on your back. Avoid lifting heavy loads. Y
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Recognize Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Children and How to Manage It

Although it may rarely be heard, but bipolar disorder in children can occur. This condition is important to be treated as early as possible, because it can affect the growth and development. Therefore, let's understand the symptoms of bipolar disorder in children and how to handle it. Bipolar disorder is characterized by drastic mood changes, sleep patterns, and the ability to think. This disorder is more common in the age of adulthood. But in some cases, bipolar disorder can also occur in children and adolescents. Until now, the exact cause of the occurrence of bipolar disorder in children has not been known with certainty. Hereditary factors and abnormalities in the brain structure of children are thought to play a role in increasing the risk of bipolar appearance in children. Characteristics of Bipolar Disorders in Children In general, children who suffer from bipolar disorder will experience two psychological phases in their daily life, namely the manic phase (carefree) a

Pregnant Gymnastics for Sungsang Babies

Pregnancy exercises can improve the position of breech babies so that mothers can give birth normally. There are several natural ways you can do to reverse the baby's head position. Many mothers expect a normal delivery. Normal childbirth is supported by the physical condition of the mother's prime and uncomplicated pregnancy, with the best position of the baby's head at the bottom and feet at the top of the uterus when approaching labor. Because if the baby's head is not in the birth canal until the time of birth arrives, chances are the doctor will perform special treatments such as caesarean section. Improving the position of the baby can be done naturally with pregnancy exercises for breech babies. Causes of Sungsang Babies and Risk Factors Approaching the time of delivery, the baby's head will generally be below or down near the birth canal. But in some cases, the position of the baby's feet are below or the baby is in a transverse position. This cond